10 best dating profiles

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10 best dating profiles

is one of the most popular personal website builders, and it’s no wonder.It has all the most important features, it’s very intuitive and looks great.Olivia is a full-time blogger, sharing practical tips for sustainable and healthy living, inspired by her everyday adventures.Using a CTA button, she invites us to take a look at her blog or take a look at her social media accounts, which are an integral part of her online brand. I chose Christian’s profile because it’s minimalistic but completely serves the purpose – it provides a context.She gives us a short insight into her work and passions, but allow us to find out more by perusing her social media accounts and You Tube channel. What matters more than anything when it comes to your online dating profile? Photos can drastically increase your chances of getting more communication and dates. In fact, profiles with photos are nine times more likely to get communication.

What better way to give a first clue into what you do than to include your signature illustration and book character, Muggles, in your profile?Kim is a licensed artist, surface Designer, children’s Illustrator and author.What I like about her profile is that she managed to turn its one page format into a portfolio of her work.You don’t want to be defined by your Linked In profile either; while you may look very professional and accomplished there, the professional you is just one aspect of your personality.With about.me, the whole you has the opportunity to shine.

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Another minimalistic one but filled with useful information.

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