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He also added the traditional Marines' military coat over his attire, draped over his shoulders like a cape with his jitte, which has either been replaced or repaired since the Battle of Marineford, hanging on the back; he is the one of the few high-ranking marines (more specifically, a vice admiral) to not wear a conventional suit.

As a child, he sported the same hairstyle as his pre-timeskip appearance.

Smoker treats his subordinates with the same respect as his peers and never abuses his position.

He also is brusque towards his subordinate Tashigi.

The jacket bears the kanji for "justice" written on the back of it. He carries a Seastone-tipped jitte as his weapon, although it has been broken twice: once during the Battle of Marineford by Boa Hancock, and once on Punk Hazard by Vergo.

He also wears brown leather gloves, blue jeans with a brown belt, and large military-issue brown leather boots.

Unlike many other Marines in One Piece, Smoker does not follow the rule of Absolute Justice and follows his own code of justice, which he later preaches to Tashigi.

Smoker's perception on justice also allows the Straw Hat Pirates to remain at liberty, despite being pirates during the Alabasta Incident.

However, he is profoundly dedicated and driven to protecting innocent people and his subordinates from harm, and will become immensely angry at anyone in a position of power who claims to protect people but is actually deceiving or manipulating them for their own selfish interests.

Smoker's disposition of being obstinate comes out when he decides he will abandon what he is doing and go after Luffy no matter the cost.

Smoker has the tendency to not adhere to the standard idea of justice, but rather lives up to his own code of justice.

During his stay on an unknown island of the Grand Line, he was seen without his jacket, which he had a subordinate carry for him.

During this time, he was seen keeping his jitte strapped to his back via a series of belts. After the timeskip, his hair is now longer, slicked back, and the sides have been shaved. He has a scar that extends from his forehead to his right eye and tapers off to the side of his face.

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He warned Luffy that as a marine, he would have to try and arrest him the next time they encounter each other.

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