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I mean, in the context of the song, putting a chimney on someone is meant as an act of revenge (I think) but think about the practicalities of this - the effort involved in transporting the chimney to the location where your potential victim is, not to mention buying the damn thing.

I even bought this song as part of the music played for my dad's 50th birthday party.I'd love to meet you, and finally tell you that "buying this record did not make my life better" (Tamperer (in)famously released a record by the title 'Buying This Record Will Make Your Life Better', which for many people, it didn't).Krishna is also known by numerous names, such as Govinda, Mukunda, Madhusudhana, Vasudeva, and Makhan chor.Onto the issue of moving the damn thing, and you'd have to probably ensure the help of a friend with a transit van to move the chimney to said location, something the Tamperer obviously had when s/he conceived the song lyric.Finally, there's the problem of manouvering the victim into place to dump the chimney on them.

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Among the most common names are Mohan "enchanter"; Govinda "chief herdsman", In this form, he is usually shown standing with one leg bent in front of the other in the Tribhanga posture.

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