Adult chat jobs for men from home

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Adult chat jobs for men from home

Surprisingly given the dangers inherent in prostitution Kirie insists she’s never had any difficult encounters with her punters. "All the men have been respectful and never tried anything out of order." It helps that she has a degree of protection in the form of her male driver and business partner, who is sat just feet away whenever she meets clients, while the fact she works out of a van means that none of her customers know her home address. A lot of them are married – I can see their wedding rings but it’s not always what people think it is.

"A lot of the people I see are lonely, they just want company. "People in my line of work don’t want to get husbands to cheat on their wives – the way I see it, it’s up to the men what they choose to do." Besides, her punters are not the only ones who are married: six years ago Kirie got hitched to a man who doesn’t work in the sex industry.

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On paper, Kirie Redfield is every inch the respectable businesswoman.

On average her punters range from thirty something to fifty-somethings and they want anything from "a quickie" to something more exotic.

"I offer a whole range of services - nothing phases me really although there are things I won’t do – I won’t see anyone under 21, I won’t do any rough stuff and I won’t do animals," she says.

"I met him when I was 25 and, although he wasn’t happy when he realised what I did for a living, I made it clear that this was who I was and if he wanted to be with me he had to accept it." Today the couple share their home with two dogs and eleven rescue cats.

"I didn’t know what he was talking about, but I told him I was clean as a whistle and I could prove it.

"When he asked me if I could remember the punter I had to tell him I can’t remember most of the people I see – I can see up to 30 men a day and to be honest I forget what they look like." It’s typical of the matter of fact approach Kirie brings to her business.

"I love animals so I get a kick out of the fact that my work helps me give a lot of money to animal charities," Kirie says.

"My husband understands how important that is to me, although we don’t talk about what I do. His friends know and some of them have seen my website but they are all very respectful about it." Estranged from her own family, she says her handful of friends are also aware of her trade.

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That’s one way of putting it: when we chat she is in the Derbyshire dales on the way home from a "busy time" in Birmingham, taking a day off before heading to Newcastle.

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