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A report by Google shows that businesses typically see 200% ROI from Ad Words.Since 98% of searchers choose a business on page 1 of Google, chances are you need to grab some search engine real estate around the keywords related to your business.The same study reports that SEM is widely considered to be effective (54%), which is more than can be said for banner ads (27%) and offline promotion (24%) — it could be time to cut the budget for your antiquated banners and magazines, and go all-in on PPC.Or, at least put it to the test 🙂 Takeaway: As mobile continue to rise as the preferred medium for users, marketers are increasing their advertising spends accordingly.Blogging Statistics Content Marketing Budget Statistics Content Strategy Statistics Content ROI Statistics Content Promotion Statistics Interactive Content Statistics Each section will also include quick links to navigate back to the top of the post.

Takeaway: Social media marketing continues to help content marketers extend the reach and shareability of their content and campaigns, and this will continue next year.

The two tactics address different stages of the buyer journey; blogging is great for lead generation because users can discover content through search, and social media is best for building a relationship with leads and directing them back to your content over and over again.

Takeaway: Blogging allows marketers to create educational material, to collect audience information via opt-ins, and to improve SEO efforts–all at the same time.

A study by Serp IQ found that top ranking content is usually just over 2,400 words.

This could be tied to the fact that longer blog posts get more backlinks.

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Takeaway: In the early days of blogging, 500 word posts were enough to get you ranking for a keyword.

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