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And, unfortunately, much to her annoyance, the person she employed as a gardener pulled out her poppies thinking they were weeds(! Of course I could go on and on about so many wonderful things about her and how she was always there for me even during some very difficult times and the things she had to endure in her lifetime.

I may not have been that reciprocal at times (see “Suicide Blonde”) and at times was also hard on her, but I loved her deeply all the same and we would tell each other that.

However, the next day her condition had deteriorated dramatically and the medical staff hadn’t noticed.

Health is the bedrock of everything, yet it is one of the easiest things that is forgotten.

Apart from the sling keeping her artificial shoulder in place and the fact her residence was now a hospital – you wouldn’t have been able to tell she had just undergone 4 hours of surgery.

She looked very well in her face and content and very pleased to have survived the procedure.

I think she may have been aiming to become the world’s first ‘bionic’ granny having already had her knees swapped for titanium a couple of years back and risk becoming attached to our super stainless steel Liebherr fridge freezer, bringing whole new meaning to a fridge magnet.

She was also an avid recycler – often scolding me for not following her strict recycling regime and she made fantastic sandwiches; she loved flowers, knew all their names and her garden was her pride and joy, but as she succumbed to the growing pains of old age she was unable to tend to her garden except for the most basic of tasks.

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I say ‘effectively’ as the crash team managed to revive her several times throughout the night, but she was only alive with the aid of life support and they couldn’t stabilise her and, as far as we could tell, she wasn’t conscious.

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