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Chatham girl cam

(Weekend) - Umkumbane (MUSIC from Soweto / Elfas Zondi) - Dib-Be-Dib-Be-Dize (Brother "D" with Collective Effort) - White Stuff (The Unfinished) (Fashion) - Sensation (No More Words) (Yello) - Petit Matin (The Honeymoon Killers) - Secret Life Of Arabia (Billy Mackenzie / British Electric Foundation) - Are You There (With Another Girl) (Mari Wilson) - Kita Kita O Mo La (King Sunny Ade & The African Beats) - Sleep Talk (Ornette Coleman) - Futility (The Ravishings Beauties) - Now Dance (The Three Courgettes) - Walking On Sunshine (Rockers Revenge featuring Donnie Calvin) - The Alibi (Fun Boy Three) - Loosen The Clamp (Cabaret Voltaire) - Dancibar (Liaisons Dangereuses) - Forget The Cost (Ub40) - Trainer (Michael Smith) Cassette diffusée gratuitement avec le magazine New Musical Express, accompagnée d'un mini-booklet de 32 pages.

'Round Midnight est extrait du EP Shipbuilding/Memories Of You/'Round Midnight - NME COMPILATION (NME004) Cassette - Kind Of Funny (Josef K) - City Hobgoblins (The Fall) - Simply Thrilled Honey (Orange Juice) - This Is Love (The Gist) - Politics (Girls At Our Best) - Born In Flames (The Red Crayola) - In Love (The Raincoats) - You (Delta 5) - Health And Efficiency (This Heat) - Music Is A Better Noise (Essential Logic) - Skank Bologna (Scritti Politti= Radio Twelve Sample Compilation - The View From Her Room (Weekend) - Drumbeat For Baby (Weekend) - Fool For A Valentine (The Gist) - Trees And Flowers (Strawberry Switchblade) - The Pelican Songs (Discobolisk) - Love Is...

DUNCAN (Lt Cdr A N Rowell) arr Gibraltar 22 Jun, VIDETTE (Lt Cdr E N Walmsley) at Falmouth, WISHART (SO, Cdr E T Cooper, Cdr H G Scott from 16 Sep) dep Gibraltar 29 Jun, escort destroyers AVON VALE (Lt Cdr (attached to 13th Destroyer Flotilla) - AZALEA (Lt G C Geddes RNR) dep 14 Jun, COREOPSIS (Lt Cdr A H Davis RNVR) arr 23 Jun, FLEUR DE LYS (Lt A Collins RNR Rtd) dep 27 Jun, GERANIUM (Actg Ty Lt Cdr A Foxall RNR) arr 28 Jun, JONQUIL (Lt Cdr R E H Partington RNR) arr 28 Jun, SPIRAE (Ty Lt L C Head RNVR) arr 28 Jun, all arr or departing Gibraltardepot ships ISKRA (Lt Cdr F D M Crackanthrorpe Rtd from 11 Aug) at Gibraltar MAIDSTONE (Capt G A W Voelcker), both at Gibraltar, submarines CLYDE (Cdr D C Ingram DSC) dep Gibraltar 27 Jun, OLYMPUS (Lt Cdr H G Dymott) arr Gibraltar 28 Jun, OTUS (Lt R M Favell) at Gibraltar under repair, to return to 1st Submarine Flotilla on comp of repairs, PANDORA (Lt Cdr J W Linton DSC) arr Ottawa 28 Jun, SEVERN (Lt Cdr A N G Campbell) dep Gibraltar 14 Jun, Dutch O.21 (Lt Cdr J F van Dulm RNN) dep Gibraltar 24 Jun, O.23 (Lt Cdr G B M Van Erkel RNN) dep Gibraltar 25 Jun, O.24 (Lt Cdr O de Booy RNN) arr Gibraltar 23 Junanti-submarine trawlers LADY HOGARTH (Ty Lt S G Barnes RNR) arr Gibraltar 26 Jun, LADY SHIRLEY (Lt Cdr A H Callaway RANVR) arr Gibraltar 16 Jun, ST NECTAN (Ty Lt Cdr H B Phillips RNR) at Tobermory, STELLA CARINA (Lt R Lockwood, RAVNR) dep Gibraltar 24 Juntrawlers ALOUETTE (Lt Lord Churston RNVR) dep 26 Jun, IMPERIALIST (Ty Lt P E Kitto RNR) dep 29 Jun, LOCH OSKAIG (Lt Cdr S Darling RANR) dep 24 Jun, SCOTTISH (Cdr S A Brooks OBE Rtd) arr 29 Jun, all arr and departing Gibraltar ASCANIA (Capt C H Ringrose-Wharton Rtd) dep Bermuda 29 Jun, AURANIA (Actg Capt I W Whitehorn) arr Halifax 26 Jun, AUSONIA (Capt G H Freyberg CBE Rtd) dep Sydney NS 19 Jun, CALIFORNIA (Capt C J Pope RAN) dep Halifax 1 Jul, CHESHIRE (Capt J M Begg Rtd) arr Bermuda 2 Jul, CHITRAL (Capt G Hamilton Rtd) dep Clyde 27 Jun, CIRCASSIA (Actg Capt E V Lees) arr Halifax 27 May, DERBYSHIRE (Capt E A B Stanley DSO, MVO Rtd, Capt C C Bell DSO Rtd from 12 Sep) arr Halifax 28 Jun, LACONIA (Capt G G P Hewitt Rtd) at St John NB refitting, MALOJA (Actg Capt V Hammersley-Heenan Rtd) dep Halifax 20 Jun, RANPURA (Actg H T W Pawsey) dep Iceland 26 Jun, WOLFE (Actg Capt W G A Shuttleworth Rtd) arr Reykjavik 28 Jun, WORCESTERSHIRE (Actg Cdr J S K Woodall, Actg Capt E H Hopkinson OBE Rtd from 2 Jul) at Liverpool refitting to comp 19 Jul FAULKNOR (Capt A F de Salis DSO) arr Gibraltar 30 Jun, FEARLESS (Cdr A F Pugsley) arr Gibraltar 30 Jun, FIREDRAKE (Lt Cdr S H Norris DSO, DSC) dep Chatham 27 Jun, arr Plymouth 29 Jun en route to Gibraltar, arrived Gibraltar 15 Jul, FORESIGHT (Cdr J S C Salter) arr Gibraltar 30 Jun, FORESTER (Lt Cdr E B Tancock DSC) arr Gibraltar 30 Jun, FOXHOUND (Cdr G H Peters DSC) arr Gibraltar 30 Jun, FURY (Lt Cdr T C Robinson) arr Gibraltar 30 Jun, FORTUNE (Lt Cdr E N Sinclair, Lt Cdr R D H S Pankhurst from 7 Oct) at Chatham refitting (Rear Adm H B Rawlings OBE) - light cruisers AJAX (Flag, Capt E D B Mc Carthy DSO) arr Alexandria 27 Jun, ORION (Cdr T C T Wynne) damaged, dep Aden 29 Jun, repaired Mare Island, San Francisco to comp , Australian PERTH (Capt Sir P W Bowyer-Smyth Bt) dep Alexandria on 25 Jun13th Division - JACKAL (Lt Cdr R M P Jonas DSC) dep Alexandria 2 Jul, KELVIN (Cdr J H Allison DSO) at Bombay under repair, KIPLING (Cdr A St.

The Spirited Sounds - Topless Dancers Of Corfu (Dick Hyman) - Beautician Blues (The Mystic Number National Bank) - Both Sides Now (Ray Charles Singers) - Theme From The Killing Of Sister George (Richard Hayman & His Orchestra) - Knowing When To Leave (Doc Severinsen) - Excerpt from Fourth Movement of Shostakovich Symphony No 1 (William Steinberg / Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra) - Sound Of Music (William Steinberg / Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra) - Miles Runs The Voodoo Down (Miles Davis) - Uranian Sircus (Flock) - Black Magic Woman (Santana) - You Better Think Twice (Poco) - Time Machine (Mick Softley) - All Things (Byrds) - The Days of '49 (Bob Dylan) - Polly On The Shore (Trees) - In The Mud (Gary Farr) - Crazy Cajun Cakewalk Band (Redbone) - Guess I'll Go Away (Johnny Winter) - Bootie Cooler (Shuggie Otis - Don't Wait Too Long (New York Rock & Roll Ensemble) - An Awful Lot Of Woman (Skid Row) - Staggolee (Pacific Gas & Electric) - Tobacco Road (Edgar Winter) - Country Road (Al Kooper) Different Strokes - Blackpatch (Laura Nyro) - Rock And Roll, Hoochie Koo (Johnny Winter) - Going To The Mill (The Chambers Brothers) - A Man Like Me (Poco) - Mr.

Steve Moore) - I Talk To My Haircut (Ron Pate) - Ucoellin del Bosco (Picchio Del Pozzo) - The Death And Beauty Foundation - Hans Eisler/Mayakovski - Contagion - Eric Random - Simple Minds - Tuxedomoon - Shostakovich - New Order - Flesh - The Rozztox Manifesto - Thv Temple Of Psychick Youth - Video Column - Twist And Crawl Dub (The Beat) - Misery Goats (Pere Ubu) - 7 000 Names Of Wah !

(Wahi Heat) - Blue Boy (Orange Juice) - Raising The Count (Cabaret Voltaire) - Kebab Traume (DAF Live) - Bare Pork (Furious Pig) - Raouf (Specials) - I Look Alone (Buzzcocks) - Fanfare In The Garden (Essential Logic ) - Shooting Out Loud (Raincoats) - Endless Soul (Josef K) - Low Profile (Blue Orchids) - Red Nettle (Virgin Prunes) - We Could Send Letters (Aztec Camera) - Milkmaid (Red Crayola) - Don't Get In My Way (Links) - The Day My Pad Went Mad (The Massed Carnaby St John Cooper Clarkes) - Jazz Is The Teacher, Funk Is The Preacher (James Blood Ulmer) - Close To Home (Ian Dury) - Greener Grass (Gist) - Parallel Lines (Subway Sect) Long Distance - Politics (Girls At Our Best) - Born In Flames (Red Crayola) - Final Day (Young Marble Giants) - Seconds Too Late (Cabaret Voltaire) - Totally Wired (The Fall) - Try (Delta) - I Know Where Sid Barrett Lives (TV Personalities) - Hammer The Hammer (The Go-Betweens) - I'm On This Rocket (The Panther Burns) - A Hard Day's Night (Shockabilly) - More Trouble Coming Every Day (Zounds) - El Salvador (Mofungo) - Pagan Lovesong (Virgin Prunes) - Yashar (Cabaret Voltaire) Mighty Reel - Town Cryer (Elvis Costello & The Attractions) - Calling Captain Autumn (Haircut 100) - Loving You Made A Fool Out Of Me (Spanish Rap) (Kid Creole & The Coconuts) - A Day In The Life Of...

2 (Twisted Science) - Lo-Band-Width - My Name Is Sugar Caine (Barbed) - Space Notes (The Mellowtrons) - Cloaking Device - Scratch (Ganger) - Itch You Can't Fucking Scratch (Richard Thomas) - Epicycle - Eternal Boy (Bedouin Ascent) - I'm Going to Hit the Ground Running (Richard Thomas) - Careful With That Rake Eugene (Thurston Moore) - White Painted Roads (2 Player) - Demo (Freezer) New Visions/Celestial Voyagers - Flightpath (Jonn Serrie) - The Velocity of Love (Suzanne Ciani) - Full Moon (Tim Wheater) - Tubular Bells [excerpt] (Mike Oldfield) - Crystal *White *Fire *Light [excerpt] (Iasos) - Prelude (Vangelis) - Harry's Game [From Patriot Games] (Clannad) - Sacred Heart (Patrick OHearn) - Starflight 1 (Kevin Braheny) - On the Way [Space Caravan] (Michael Stearns) - Courage (Ed Van Fleet) - Touchwood (Tangerine Dream) - Novus Magnificat: Through the Stargate, Pt.

- EDITION UNBEIRRT C - K7 - Fallout (Police) - Bactrack (Squeeze) - Antmusic (Adam And The Ants - Love Will Tear Us Apart (Paul Young) - Love My Way (Psychadelic Furs) - I Could Be Happy (Altered Images) - (Lets All) Turn On (Hoodoo Gurus) - You Fool You (David Johansen) - No Word From China (Pel Mel) - Release The Bats (The Birthday Party) - Totally Wired (The Fall) - Sodium Pentathol Negative (Fashion) - Hammer The Hammer (The Go-Betweens) - Never Say Never (Romeo Void) - I'm On Fire (Chelsea) - Seconds Too Late (Cabaret Voltaire) - Hepnobeat (The Dynamic Hepnotics) - Uranium Rock (The Cramps) - Only A Lad (Oingo Boingo) - Hip, Shake, Jerk (The Quick) - Be Cool Be Smart (The Mighty Guys) - I Married A Monster From Outer Space (John Cooper Clarke) - African Reggae (Nina Hagen Band) - Dancing On The Floor (Hooked On Love) (Third World) - Cant Make Love (Wall Of Voodoo) - Cold, Cold, Shoes (Fleshtones) - Jukebox (Payolas) - Another Girl, Another Planet (The Only Ones) - Valley Girl (Frank And Moon Zappa) - Voodoo (Rachael Sweet) - Shouting Out Loud (The Raincoats) Ce double album a été publié à la suite de l'ouvrage éponyme de Glenn A.(Ronny Jordan) - Real Love [Nush Glamour Mix] (Drizabone) - Never Stop [Radio Edit] (The Brand New Heavies) - Spiritual Love [Natural 7"] (Urban Species) - Green Screen (New Jersey Kings) - Mission Impossible (The James Taylor Quartet) - Keep Steppin' (Omar) - Heavy Vibes (Vibraphonic) - Boundaries [Radio Edit] Leena Conquest & Hip Hop Finger - Take The L Train [To 8th Avenue] (Brooklyn Funk Essentials) - Whirl Keeps Turning [Radio Edit] (Jhelisa) - Dream Come True (The Brand New Heavies) - D'Influence [Wow Original] [Dance Energy Edit] (Good Lover) - Promise Me Nothing [Album Version] (Repercussions) - The Creator Has A Masterplan (Brooklyn Funk Essentials) - Now Is The Time [Original Version] (D*Note) - Find Our Love (City Lix) - 24 For Betty Page (Snowboy) - Follow That Arab (Corduroy) - Turn It All Around (This I Dig) - Watcha Gonna Do (Xan) - Whatchugot (Groove Collective) - Funky Guitar [Sure Shot Deep Mix] (TC 1992) - Jesse (Mother Earth) - Let It Last (Carleen Anderson)) - Time (Sly And The Family Stone) - Yet So Beautiful (Laurel Macdonald) - Cais (Milton Nascimento) - I Still Love Albert Einstein (Earthling) - Mercury (Royal Tree) - See Through Love (Arthur Russell) - My Ideal (Chet Baker) - I See You Again (Stina Nordenstam) - Take Me As I Am (John Lee Hooker) - Starsailor (Tim Buckley) - Singing Before Hunting (Yanomani Young Men) - Rain (Tenko/Ikue Mori) - Taita Inty (Yma Samac) - Scott walker - White Jam (Captain Beefheart) - Young And Supernatural (Lilacs) - Falling (Judee Cruise) - Martyn Bates And Mick Harriss - Autumn Leaves (Coldcut) - Prelude/Lawns Of Dreams (Nico) - Protection (Massive Attack) - Cronica Da Casa Assassinanda (Tom Joblin) - Diabarum (Ryuichi Sakatmoto) - Wind Chimes (Beach Boys) - Honey Moon (Haruomi Hosono) - You Will Be Loved Again (Mary Margaret O'Hara) - Twilight Zone (Dr John) - Higher Than The Sun (Primal Scream) - Brilliant Trees (David Sylvian) - Small Hours (John Martyn) - Ever So Lonely/Eyes/Ocean (Sheila Chandra) - Lifeforms (The Future Sound Of London) - A Village Funeral (Brass Band And Village Drummers In The Fantio Area) - Nearer Ma God To Thee (Tuxedo Brass Band) - Trauer-Sturmmarsch (Begräbniskapelle Aus Saigon) - Hymn (Vrieze's, Jopie Klein Bazuin) - West Lawn Dirge/Just A Closer Walk With Thee (Buck Funk & Reverend Anthony W.Reves) - Karfreitagsprozession (Banda Musicale Vucciria, Palermo) - Begräbnismelodie (Serbische Blaskapelle) - Marche funèbre (Central Band Of The Raf) - In The Sweet Bye And Bye (Olympia Brass Band) - Ases Death (Willem Breuker Kollektief) - Trauermarsch (Sogenanntes Linksradikales Blasorchester) - Free As A Bird (Mike Westbrook Orchestra) - Just A Closer Walk With Thee (George Lewis Eureka Brass Band) - The Old Rugged Cross (Treme Brass Band) - Anywhere I Lay My Head (Tom Waits) - Mando Civilizado (Arto Lindsay) - Mi Nuera / Estando Padre Cura (Louis Delgado) - In Search Of My Rose (The Tear Garden) - Indigo (Brainbox) - Garden Of Fascination (Tom Kazas) - Fall (Single Gun Theory) - Eerie Woman (Fantasyy Factoryy) - Crazy Water (Bokomolech) - Seen Enough (Kingdom Come) - Twenty Two (Millencolin) - Timora (Homo Sapiens) - [caractères grecs = Diaphana Krina (Kat'archen)] Les Inrockuptibles - Sonnet (The Verve) - Dream (Forest For The Trees) - Seven Months (Portishead) - All Is Full Of Love (Björk) - Supreme I (Finley Quaye) - Sounds Of Time (Pressure Drop) - Good Shit (Cornershop) - Miss Modular (Stereolab) - Egérie (Sylvain Vanot) - On S'attache (Zézé Mago) - Station Coffee (Jonathan Fire Easter) - Turn It On (Sleater-Kinney) - Je Ne Veux Pas Mourir (Mendelson) - Modern Style (Jean Bart) - Slim (Alpha) - How Beautiful You Are (Peter Blegvad) - Wingful Of Eyes (Gong) - Spectral Mornings (Steve Hackett) - My Experience (Peter Hammill) - Theme One (Van Der Graaf Generator) - Hang On To A Dream (Nice) - TNK (Tomorrow Never Knows) (Phil Manzanera) - Out In The Sun (Patrick Moraz) - Casablanca Moon (Slapp Happy) - In The Dead Of Might (UK) - Nothing To Lose (John Weston) - Fourth Of July - This Is Our Music (Galaxie 500) - Q Samba (Arto Lindsay) - Cripple Creek (Mr Hobart Smith) - Down Where The Drunkards Roll (Maura O'Connell) - Mar V Tierra (i Cubanismol starring Jesus Alemaffy) - That's Alright (Kelly Joe Phelps) - A Song From Madocsa (Marta Sebstyen And Muzsikas) - Fast Tenintu - This Is As Close As We Get (Lullaby For The Working Class) - Tongues Of Kali (Martyn Bennett) - Seretonality (Mr Didg) - The Mermaid (Paul Clayton) - The Coming Rains (Bruce Cockburn) - Hand In Hand (Bruce Cockburn) Strani Frutti - Chimes of Freedom (Youssou'n'Dour) - Inner City Blues (Working Week) - Hasta Siempre Comandante (Tony Coe) - Strange Fruit (Nina Simone) - I Fought The Law (The Oyster Band) - El Paso Del Ebro (Henry Lowther) - Grandola Villa Morena (Charlie Haden) - A Change Is Gonna Come (Neville Brothers) - Thulasizwe/I Shall Be Released (Miriam Makeba) - Working Class Hero (Marianne Faithfull) - In Kamf (The Klezmatics) - Nkosi Sikelel 'i Africa - Amampondo Solid Brass Quintet (Intsholo) - The Internationale (Billy Bragg) - We Shall Overcome (Charlie Haden Liberation Music Orchestra) Songs Of Elvis Costello - Girls Take (Dave Edumnds) - Unwanted Number (Fro Real) - My Brave Face (Paul Mc Cartney) - Hidden Shame (Johnny Cash) - All Grown Up (Tasmin Archer - Miss Mary (Zucchero) - Shadow & Jimmy (Was(Not Was) - Upon A Veil Of Midnight Blue (Mary Coughlan) - Deep Dead Blue (Anuna) - The Comedians (Roy Orbison) - The Deportees Club (Christy Moore - Punishing Kiss (Annie Ross & The Low Note Quintet) - Shamed Into Love (Ruben Blades) - Shatterproof (Billy Bremner) - Dirty Rotten Shame (Ronnie Drew) - The Birds Will Still Be Singing (Norma Tabor) - I Want To Vanish (June Tabor) - The Other End Of The Telescope (Til Tuesday) - Indoor Fireworks (Nick Lowe & His Cowboy Outfit) - Almost Blue (Chet Baker) Lo Recordings, Vol. 1 (Twisted Science) - Pooo (Peter Kraut) - Spiegels - Blasted Wook (Luke Vibert) - See Sawing Sea (David Kristian) - Clockwork (Cujo) - Time's T-Bone - We Can't Play for Shit E (Wormhole) - DMN97 - Wooden League (Voafose) - Feelin' Brown, Pt.- CHERRY RED RECORDS (PIPE 2) 2x P (CDBRED361) Réédition CD en 1994: - BLUEPRINT (BP159CD) Wanna Buy A Bridge ?- Alternative Ulster (Stiff Little Fingers) - Mind Your Own Business (Delta 5) - Man Next Door (The Slits) - Aerosol Burns (Essential Logic) - Part Time Punks (T. Personalities) - Read About Seymour (Swell Maps) - We Are All Prostitutes (The Pop Group) - Soldier Soldier (Spizzenergi) - Ain't You (Kleenex) - Nag Nag Nag (Cabaret Voltaire) - In Love (The Raincoats) - Final Day (Young Marble Giants) - Skank Bloc Bologna (Scritti Politti) Rough Trade Compilation - Politics (Girls At Our Best!

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- VIRGIN FR (940 801/2) 2x LP - VIRGIN GER (88588XBT) 2x LP - VIRGIN IT (2502) 2x LP - VIRGIN UK (TVCD 2502) 2x LP - VIRGIN SP (88588 XH) 2x LP Morgan Fisher - Bum Love (Ollie Halsall & John Halsey) - We're A Happy Family Bali Ha'ithe (Residents) - The Wreck Of The Hesperus (Roger Mcgough) - Green And Pleasant (Morgan Fisher) - Mine Tonight (John Otway) - My Way (Pete Challis & Phil Diplock) - Opus (Stinky Winkles) - Body Language (Mary Longford) - Andy The Dentist (Andy 'Thunderclap' Newman) - Wagner's Ring In One Minute (David Bedford) - The Entire Works Of Henry Cow (Fred Frith) - Look Beneath The Surface (Maggie Nicols) - Week-End (Joseph Racaille) - With Wings Pressed Back (The Work) - Cum On Feel The Noize (Neil Innes & Son) - Toscany In Blue (Last Minute) (Herbert Distel) - An End To The Matter (Lol Coxhill) - One Minute In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich (Ken Ellis) - Alice (Steve Miller) - Sings The Blues Badly (Norman Lovett/John Peel) - Serrons Nous Les Coudes (Patrick Portella) - Sounds That Saved My Life (George Melly) - Miniature (Robert Fripp) - The History Of Rock'n'roll (Andy Partridge-XTC) - Breather (Phantom Captain) - Enterbrain Exit (Ron Geesin) - An Imaginary Orchestrina (Alejandro Viñao) - Stop The Music For A Minute (Quentin Crisp) - Tetrad (Simon Desorgher) - Sweetest Love (Lament After A Broken Sashcord - On A Theme Of John Donne) (Ralph Steadman) - Tipperary (R. Laing & Son) - Beach Double (Trevor Wishart) - Scene De Ballet (John White) - Brooch Boat (Ivor Cutler) - Do Tell Us (Hector Zazou) - A Miniaturization Of Bartok's Sonata For Two Pianos & Percussion - 3rd Movement (Michael Bass & Ellen Tenenbaum) - A Swift One (Martin Chambers - The Pretenders) - Refreshment Break (Bob Cobbing & Henri Chopin) - Night Touch (Dave Vanian-The Damned) - Racing Poodles (Metabolist) - After Mendelssohn/137 Years (Gavin Bryars) - Paint It Black (1/2 Japanese) - Arthur's Treat (Simon Jeffes) - Talking World War Iii Blues (Mark Perry) - 89-90-91-92 (Michael Nyman) - Index Of Ends (David Cunningham - The Flying Lizards) - James, Mark & Me (In The Manner Of Tom Waits) (Kevin Coyne) - Hep!