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Was years before I found out what actually happened.

When I was a kid I knew a set of twins who were friends with my older sister.

Anyway, a few years later the parents were busted because apparently they owned another house a few streets away, (Less lavish) and they were running a brothel out of it with girls the same age as their daughters.

(Who were around 18 at this time and both in university). My grandma still denies the experiments that happened in Auschwitz (not the killing, but rather Mengele’s role in Auschwitz).

If the community is asking you to take action on something, it is definitely worth thinking twice about participating." Gamer Gate began when a group of users on 4chan, an online bulletin, and elsewhere started spreading gossip about a female game developer that originated from her ex-partner.

Spurred by unsubstantiated accusations, this conversation spilled over into Twitter and Reddit.

Within these supraplatforms, users become vulnerable to dark patterns, which are user experiences that trick people into performing actions not in their best interests (think: click here to vote for X, or follow Y to show support).

Stepdad was pretty cool, according to 7 year old me. Come to find out, he’d been raping my friend for years.

It had been going on so long, had been so normalized to her, that she thought I was doing that with my dad, and our other friend was doing it with her dad.

And to think, you had been eating their chips and guac this whole time.

I grew up with a girl down the street who lived with her mom and stepdad.

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As much as your neighbors from across the street may seem like they have it all together — there are always cracks and deceptions and deep, dark secrets that dwell below the surface of shiny cars, happy smiles, and over-achieving PTA moms.