Dating after breast cancer young women

Posted by / 28-Jul-2020 12:29

Most breast cancers are found in women who are 50 years old or older, but breast cancer also affects younger women.About 11% of all new cases of breast cancer in the United States are found in women younger than 45 years of age.Having spoken to many other women in my situation, it is met with mixed feelings.On the one hand, you are so grateful just to be alive and to have survived that you feel almost silly to complain about it, yet it is a very real issue.Each time she met someone new, Linda had to struggle with when and how to tell, and then how to behave in intimate situations.In the beginning, she would blurt out her history almost immediately, frightening herself and her date.Once the dust settles and you realize that you have survived and you have a new body, it can be very challenging to feel comfortable with your body image.

There ARE quality single people out there looking for relationships.Gradually she got to a point where she was able to wait till the third or fourth meeting and discuss it without upsetting herself or her companion.And she learned to protect herself during the initial phase of a sexual encounter by wearing a silky cover-up, gradually working up to full exposure.However, I don't know how easily I could introduce my body to someone else in an intimate setting.My friends and family have been wonderful throughout this whole experience and it has made it easier for me to discuss these body issues very openly and honestly with others. Between doctors, friends and family, more people have seen my new (and, might I add, nipple-less) breasts than I ever thought possible.

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I mentioned that my breasts are currently nipple-less, right? I would think that may be a little off-putting to some but I've been very honest with people I date. I still love and accept myself fully and if someone can too, great!