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If you have any questions about the guitars you see on these pages please don’t hesitate to contact us. The retro-future stylings of the Flying V, Explorer, and Firebird. This is the reverse alphabet system beginning with Z in 1952. I am not aware of any other information in the FON (factory order number). Terry The reverse alphabetical FON system ended in 1961 (with the letter Q). It wasn't clear to me from reading chubakkah's post, though.The reason I ask is that sometimes people who are selling guitars don't wish to give out the complete serial number, and replace the first digit (or first couple of digits) with an "X".Thin line guitars appealed to players who wanted a thinner, less bulky guitar. While it looked like it had a thin line body it was actually a semi-hollow body guitar as it featured a solid block of wood running through the center of the body.This made the guitar much less prone to feedback when played at high volume.

The single pickup ES-175 followed the ES-350 in 1949.

In 1955 Gibson launched Thin Line models often using the "T" designation after the model number.

The new thin line guitars included the Byrdland and the ES-350T.

The ES-345 and 355 were introduced in the same time frame however they offered stereo wiring and a six way selector switch called a "Vari-tone". Vari-tone was unpopular with players and and many guitars had the vari-tone wiring removed.

Gibson continued to introduce variations of standard and thin line guitars and in the 60's they began to release signature models including the Barney Kessel Custom (1961), Johnny Smith (1961) and the Tal Farlow (1962).

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