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NYPD highway cop Carlos Becker leaves the Bronx Courthouse after a hearing on Friday, July 26, 2013.He appeared in court on allegations that he had an inappropriate and possibly corrupt relationship with a woman he arrested for drunk driving.Noonan took that as a threat — if she didn’t, he’d make sure she was found guilty.She hired a lawyer, and when she told him what Becker allegedly did, he offered her controversial advice: to start communicating with the officer by text, apparently to start a paper trail that she could later use in a complaint or a lawsuit.That strategy, it turned out, put her in even more danger.

His story was one of several described in a yearlong AP investigation published in November that identified about 1,000 cases over a six-year period in which officers had their badges revoked for on-duty sexual misconduct such as rape, sodomy or consensual sex.While media exposés in recent months have highlighted the pervasiveness of police sexual misconduct, the problem isn’t new — and few departments appear to be doing anything to address it.In 2011, the International Association of Chiefs of Police, a national leadership and advocacy group, produced a series of recommendations designed to change a culture that the IACP noted may encourage some officers to sexually abuse, harass and assault those they’re sworn to protect.He administered a breath test and then arrested her for drunk driving.(Noonan denies that any of Becker’s reasons for stopping her were true — she hadn’t had anything to drink and broke no traffic laws, according to her lawyer.) Noonan started crying.

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They administered a rape kit and later determined that DNA linked to Becker was in her underwear.

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