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After Brown’s death, Tesla modified Autopilot to rely more on data from its radar, and less on the camera, to spot obstacles in the car’s path.It also sent out a software update that sharply curtailed the length of time a driver can let go of the wheel, and introduced brighter, flashing warnings.Ignore that, and the system will get your attention with a beep.If you’re stubborn or incapacitated, the car will turn on its flashers and slow to a stop.

The National Transportation Safety Board was more damning, saying Tesla should bear some of the blame for selling a system that is too easy to misuse.

Engineers are convinced that taking the easily-distracted human out of the driving equation will cut down on the 40,000 road deaths each year on American roads.

But right now, the systems aren’t sophisticated enough to operate without human oversight, which is difficult to ensure.

Neither he nor the car’s computers saw the white truck against the bright sky.

Federal investigators pored over the crash site and the vehicle logs, as they are doing with this second fatality.

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