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I mean, in my experience, that kind of explicit sex and fetish talk doesn’t really happen until after we’ve slept together a few times.

But being fat also made me want to be the smartest person, because I had to have all these compensatory personality traits. Like one of the things I’m living with right now — so I’m Latina. I grew up with boys who looked like me, but they all hated me because I was fat.

And I didn’t realize at the time, but all the men [using this service] who worked had to pay. So I went to living in the suburbs with mostly immigrant families to dating white-collar businessmen at 17-years-old. Since I was fat, these other parts of my personality had to be extra.

And so many different parts of my life emerged from that one introduction to dating. So these guys wanted a young woman, of course, but I could talk like their colleagues.

And my date said, ‘I’m with her.’ And the girl gave me the dirtiest look.

People don’t always think I’m with the men or woman that I’m with. He thinks I’m smart and never mentions anything about my size.

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There’s the assumption that chubby bodies are devalued, so there’s no way that I could be with this other person. But the amount of times I’m with Action Bronson and people are like, ‘You’re so cute together…’ It’s like we found each other. And I’ve never gotten that with the other guy."Plus-size people are the exact same as thin people.

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