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) of dollars on bottle service when you can just do this instead?

The Hard Rock Cafe on the Strip has an only-in-Vegas 94-ounce Moscow Mule in a giant copper mug for .

Las Vegas has an awesome under-hyped Chinatown that's just a few blocks west of the Strip on Spring Mountain Road -- making it an easy Uber ride for anyone at a big hotel.

This hub of culture and cuisine has even more variety than you might expect.

Their chefs will all be taking part in Vegas Unstripped by Locals, a tasting and drink event on May 12 at a super secret location to be revealed with a ticket purchase.

If you understand what that all means, you know it's a lot better than what you'll find at other Strip casinos. Whenever friends or family come to Las Vegas, they rely on you to show 'em around. You can do better than the Container Park and the M&M Store.Let's take a look at the iconic touristy stuff that actually lives up to the hype, a few under-the-radar things that only locals know about, and a few seasonal activities perfect for the warm weather as we head toward summer.The sight of more than a thousand fountains shooting water nearly 500 feet into the air never gets old, whether accompanied by the music of Frank Sinatra or Tiesto.Shows tend to run every 15 minutes at night and every half hour during the day, offering a welcome dose of class and romance to your busy day of sightseeing.

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Meanwhile, hang out in your own private bay while ordering drinks and food like a ridiculous Pretzel Board, which is kinda like a charcuterie and fruit plate served inside a giant soft pretzel.