Emily osment mitchel musso really dating

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Emily osment mitchel musso really dating

Gia, being an actress, definitely could not go with Musso. He does have two tattoos on his chest, but of Gia, not sure.However, five years after their breakup, they were again seen together at a party.

After Mitchell Musso and Emily Osment broke up, both in reel and real life, Musso started dating Gia Mantegna. Her finest runs include her appearance in the Secret Life of an American Teenager and in the awesome, super duper great comedy, the Middle. In short, maybe that meant going around the world, travelling and having a lot of fun. There has also been a rumor that Musso has a tattoo of Gia.

So being grown up in the family of great artist, Osment decided to follow them.

In late-1998, Osment gave her appearance in the commercial, at that time she was around 6 years old.

Soon after, she worked for numerous brand advertisements.

But, she was remained unnoticed until she acted in ‘Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams’.

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We take a closer look at this gossip and evaluate the plausibility of this.