Inconsistent behavior in dating Quickie sex chat online

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Inconsistent behavior in dating

Hello to all, I am a new member and my name is Heavenlli. Finally, I gave in and called him one more time Wednesday. He claims to like me a lot, but his behavior, doesn't coincide with his words. It could be a million and a half reasons why he wasn't able to call back yet.

Many soulmates have a hard time logistically understanding the soulmate connection and what comes with it.

Your soulmate is not honoring your connection by behaving in an inconsistent way.

If you start acting like them and not having faith in your connection as well, you will both feed off one another and nothing good will come of that.

We spent time together, Monday night, and it is Wednesday and the last time I heard from him was Tuesday, a.m.

I am perplexed, considering he said he had a nice time. Just because someone doesn't call you back or contact you within 24 hours, especially in a new relationship, doesn't mean they aren't interested.

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However, right afterwards she would again laugh at my jokes and initiated physical contact. Then we were put on different projects and only recently met again after a six-week interruption.

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