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No credit card ever hook up and fuck free

Otherwise, the terms can change and it will be your word against theirs.We’ve heard of consumers being hounded for balances they thought were resolved years before.If possible, try to work out an agreement with your creditors before a bill is sent to collections.While late payments affect your credit reports and scores, collection accounts can result in even greater damage.Write down the name of the person you talked to, when you talked, and what was discussed.Not only can this help you take the emotion out of the situation, but you’ll also have a record if the creditor or collector broke the law in their attempts to collect.

But here’s one reason to pick up the phone: You may find the creditor or collector is willing to negotiate.

” Or “When will you take the money from my bank account?

” Some of Have a pen and paper handy so you can take written notes whenever you talk with a collector.

And judgments can lead to garnishment of your wages or assets.

Plus, paid collection accounts generally weigh less heavily on your credit scores than unpaid account, especially in the long term.

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