Playfire not updating ps3

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Playfire not updating ps3

Microsoft Rewards points can be redeemed whenever you want for the rewards you choose from the Microsoft Rewards catalogue, including Microsoft Store digital gift cards.

Xbox Live Rewards Credits are automatically converted to your local currency every two weeks and deposited in your Microsoft account, while My VIP Gems could be redeemed for items in the My VIP Vault. You can earn Microsoft Rewards points for qualifying purchases at retail Microsoft Store locations where available, as long as you provide the email address connected to your Microsoft Rewards account when making your purchase.

If your PS3™ system software version is 4.82 (or later), you do not need to perform this update.

updated it’s website yesterday with brand new trophycards.

If Xbox Live Rewards is unable to deposit into your account for some reason, as long as you have not opted out to make the transition to Microsoft Rewards, any undeposited Xbox Live Rewards Credits and unredeemed My VIP Gems will be automatically converted to Microsoft Rewards points and be added to your Microsoft Rewards account to redeem for whatever you choose from the Microsoft Rewards catalog.

See the next question for when to expect your Rewards Credits and My VIP Gems if you have opted-out of making the transition to Microsoft Rewards.

In addition, you’ll also have the opportunity to earn bonus points on your purchases in the Microsoft Store on Xbox or on Windows, or in retail Microsoft Store locations where available.Read the rest of the FAQ to learn more about other changes you can expect between Xbox Live Rewards and Microsoft Rewards.One Microsoft Rewards point is equal to one Xbox Live Rewards Credit.Below I will post my trophy card which has my own custom theme. From Rewards Credits to My VIP, we've covered pretty much every topic in the FAQ.

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