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As for the concern trolling women, save it: Black women as a group work far harder than any other group on the planet, . Black women are not white women and black women’s issues are not white women’s issues.For white women, they may feel they have exceeded their women ancestors by being educated and working and being single.And this develops into a pattern of low expectations regarding relationships or of men who are in and out of a woman’s life that affirm her sense of low self-worth.

There were many reasons for this, and someday I’ll go into it. Black women are just as free to be single and educated and working for ourselves.Having a job isn’t a “sign of progress” for black women: We’ve always been at work, because we didn’t have any other choice.However, it is often a term used to shame black women out of dating men that can afford to financially support the both of them means that a man only need show up with his penis in hand; black women need not reasonably expect a man to care for her or even stick around should children be made.There may be a combination of factors as to why African Americans can’t stand to let a black woman stay at home and have a man provide for her. Because you have no power over stopping black women from moving comfortably into the arms of men who are more than happy to provide for and value them.

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I find that there are few things that piss off black people more than a stay at home black mother.