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At , experience the pulse-pounding excitement of Mic Check." (audio technician): "Check 1, 2, Oprah, Oprah..." (voice-over): "At , catch Screaming Nut Job Crazy Hour." (clips): screaming nut jobs (voice-over): "And at , don't miss Backwards Oprah." (clip): Oprah talking backward (voice-over): "OWN: Where ••• desk chat: 1. Boehner obviously needs counseling to deal with his sobbing problem. Paul interjects with the thought that the pages aren't numbered because you can adjust the font size, thereby changing the number of words per page. Oz picks out quite a load of carbohydrates in the mix. He grabs Tony's cue cards, dumps 'em and rolls back offstage.

Dave shows us that the birds' wings are on backward. He first thought the birds happening was perpetrated by high school kids. Dave compliments Oprah for building a girls' school in Africa. (I guess it's different from a PDF, which retains the original numbers.) ••• Top Ten Things Overheard During the Republicans' First Day in Charge of the House ••• Dave has the i Pad™ at his command module. ••• Birds are falling out of the sky all over the place.

Dave believes it's a delivery for Rupert's Hello Deli.

It has a slightly better build quality than the £85 one but it doesn’t seem like it is really £35 better. If you’re into fishing you could put the catch of the day straight in there.

The grill is spacious, so you can load it up with lots of different cuts of meat and a few peppers at the same time. Imagine pulling fish out the sea and preparing them immediately. SAUSAGES – smoking gives them a lovely pop, like biting into a frankfurter. BAKED BEANS – putting a small dish of beans in the smoker really elevates their flavour, adding a punch.

••• with credits: photo of Ryan Seacrest ••• Alan Kalter says good night.

1/04/11 [3422]: monologue: Thousands of small, deceased black birds fell to the ground in Beebe, Arkansas around New Year's Day.

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But you can also cook directly over the coals for a traditional barbecue. Fire it up and toss some dried rosemary on to the flames. Then balance a cooking rack on top and place a terracotta plant pot over that. It’s a great way to make smoky baked beans but you may struggle to cook anything on it.