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– As American population rapidly increased in east Texas and in the empresario colonies south and southeast of San Antonio, more municipalities were created and some of these were subdivided into districts. – The Mexican congress by act of 6 April 1830 barred further American immigration into Texas. – By 1834, new departments of Brazos and Nacogdoches were carved from Bexar and four new municipalities were created: Bastrop, Matagorda, San Augustine, and San Patricio.

Mexican troops were stationed around east Texas to enforce the ban, though Austin and De Witt were allowed to bring in a few families in fulfillment of their contracts. By the end of the Mexican era in 1835, the entity called Texas was composed of three departments, each with representation in the state legislature of Coahuila y Texas.

(The map of the Republic of Texas below shows the original 1805 western Texas boundary. They compromised with an agreement in 1806 which created the so-called Neutral Ground, a buffer zone where neither would exercise jurisdiction in what was to be a no-man’s land.– Texas became a separate province about 1726, with San Antonio as its capital from 1773.The Spanish government in Madrid in 1805 formally defined the west boundary (a northwestern trace from the Medina River to the southeastern corner of present-day New Mexico, and from that point to the Red River, at the southwestern corner of present-day Oklahoma).– Politically, Texas in 1830 was the department of Bexar within the state of Coahuila y Texas.The western boundary remained unchanged from 1805, though common usage and contemporary maps increasingly marked the whole Nueces River as the boundary.

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– Mexico in the 1820s tried to build a barrier against on-coming Americans by encouraging “fit” Anglo settlers to take up land.

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