Sex kerala facebook

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Sex kerala facebook

A senior police officer said Facebook will be approached to retrieve the original message.BJP leader A N Radhakrishnan was not available for his comments.Trigger Warning: Sexually explicit comments, description of sexual violence. Well, not so strange if you consider recent developments in Mallu Land. This time they decided that they should harass a woman who has been leading a one person battle against CPI(M)’s caste discrimination and violence against her.CPI(M)’s history with women, dalits and minorities is as bad as it can get. Chithralekha, a dalit woman from Kannur, Kerala, became a target of the leftist trade union when she decided to earn her livelihood driving an auto-rickshaw. It is a well-known fact that these progressive leftists often feel that they owe it to patriarchy and casteism big time.The Communications Workers of America is suing on behalf of union members and other job seekers who allegedly missed out on employment opportunities because companies used Facebook’s ad tools to target people of other ages.While Facebook has said that it wants to draw the line between news and misinformation, the company turned down an offer to work with a news media trade group to help resolve a conflict, emails show.They do it by asking people for contributions.’ She used a variant of penis that is considered a swear word in Malayalam.

Soon after Nandakumar, who claimed to be a relative of BJP state general secretary AN Radhakrishnan, posted the message, netizens took to social media with a hashtag campaign “#dismiss_your_manager.”Many people have sought strict action against him and the cyber police in Kochi said they will take action after obtaining all the details.

But guess what, they work hard to outshine themselves. The other males and members of the CPI(M) affiliated trade union just couldn’t stand it. They pay homage to these oppressive ideas every now and then so that they feel blessed by their ideology, which is said to be communism.

So they Now one might think that they managed to jerk off quite a bit with this kind of torture directed at a dalit woman. Then ask her to make money by using the same right to work.

But no, they went ahead and successfully barred the earlier government’s decision of granting her a house. So then it was no surprise that CPI(M) cyber warriors attacked her when she put up a Facebook post asking if people could contribute to her with her strike against the atrocities. Some of them even scoffed saying that she should make money by working. I think these people add banana to chutney thinking it’s coconut.

Because you know, they just couldn’t control themselves when they got an underprivileged target. Warriors just flooded her timeline with comments that said that she was eating people’s money. When this continued, Chithralekha retorted to the many innuendos and scornful comments with, ‘CPI(M) does not pawn Pinarayi’s dick to obtain money for strikes.

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The apex court was earlier informed that the Ministry had identified keywords for child pornography, rape and gang rape content search and a list of keywords in the English language has been compiled and circulated to content providers for further action.

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