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Well recently the NFU and others have been asking the Government to extend the role of the Grocery Code Adjudicator (GCA) to farmers and also to introduce mandatory terms in contracts.While the Government decided against extending the remit of the GCA, in what looks like a bit of a sop to dairy farmers, Defra has decided they want to introduce compulsory milk contracts in a way I doubt even the NFU would be happy about.Are they now supposed to abandon all that and listen to grandiose vegan townies sat on their backsides on comfy sofas thousands of miles away in London?The journalists article I refer to pointed out the ultimate irony, that while animal activists correctly decry the encroachment of the Amazon tribes traditional rainforest homeland, not one has connected the reality that those who preach vegetarian diets are encouraging the substitution of animal foods with plant proteins such as soya the cultivation of which is one reason Amazon tribes are being displaced!Finally, at the time of writing this article the news broke on Mullers new 28p, three-year fixed price deal on up to 50% of the milk for its directs.On first glance it does look a very attractive price, and I expect the take-up will be quite high.I think most involved in dairy politics agree the 2012 Voluntary Code of Practice (VCP) was put in place by the industry to avoid regulation.

And some of you need an intravenous drip of coffee, let alone a sniff.

Nevertheless, we are fighting to retain our market share and the competitors are marketing their products under the name of milk, or mylk, or m*lk and using celebrities to endorse them.

We desperately need to promote the heap of positives real dairy products and milk provide because, if we dont, more and more people will increasingly start to believe non-dairy alternatives are better all-round.

Most readers might be under the illusion the average consumer believes real proper milk is the most natural, healthy, wholesome and perfect food nature can produce, and which is full of natural nutrients, vitamins and trace elements, and love seeing cows grazing our green and pleasant land.

But those preaching the need for mankind to adopt a purely plant based diet conveniently forget about the thousands of counties / countries / peoples / races across the world who depend on livestock, or meat, or hunting and herding to survive, and thrive.

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Recently two US dairy men were jailed for animal cruelty following an undercover video surveillance investigation by an animal rights organisation, where the use of a PVC water pipe to move cows was key to their sentencing by a judge who himself previously worked on a dairy farm.

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