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The Baduy Luar people, also known as Panamping, always wear black clothes.

The men also wear black or dark blue headbands while the women wear batik sarongs.

Kanekes village, the heart of the region and of the people, lies on the verdant western slope of Mount Kendeng, and is a three-hour drive from Jakarta, and 90 minutes from Rangkasbitung, the capital of Lebak.

According to Marlina (2009), there are two overriding principles which guide them.

As you move from the outside to the inside, traditional custom becomes more strictly enforced.

While all of Baduy is without electricity, in Baduy Dalam, devices are forbidden as is travel by vehicle.

Baduy homeland The Baduy, who refer to themselves as the Kanekes, are a small group of ethnic Sundanese (the second largest ethnic group in Indonesia) that went into seclusion in the 16th century, rejecting foreign influence in order to preserve its view of traditional Sundanese society and values.

The Baduy, with a current population estimated at roughly 12,000-13,000, live in a cluster of some 40-50 villages in a 50 km remote area in the Kendeng Mountains in Banten Province in western Java.

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Baduy Dalam brothers There are two principal groups of Baduy: the Baduy Dalam, the ‘Inner Baduy’, and the Baduy Luar, the ‘Outer Baduy’.

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