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Tree ring dating history

Also, oak trees and bristlecone pine or Douglas fir trees are very different.

Bristlecones, for example, are evergreens which grow very slowly, at high altitude, in a cold, arid environment, and live for thousands of years.

The patterns in America could not bias the work on patterns in Europe, because the specimens came from two different local climates, separated by an ocean.

The scientists worked independently of one another.

Some critics of dendrochronology suggest that the process of pattern-matching is highly error-prone.

Early in the history of the science of dendrochronology, a tree-ring chronology using bristlecone pines from the White Mountains of California was developed.Because radiocarbon is everywhere the same in the atmosphere at any given time, tree rings which grew in the same year should have the same amount of radiocarbon.Furthermore, radiocarbon in the atmosphere fluctuates from year to year in a somewhat erratic fashion.Generally, it is not possible to construct a complete sequence of tree rings back through the historical periods using only living trees.Chronologies derived from living trees must be extended.

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This is accomplished using wood specimens found preserved, for example, in historic buildings, or on the forest floor, or in peat bogs.

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