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Updating current record oracle

This will allow you to easily revert to previous code should someone make any catastrophic changes.Look at this example: CREATE TABLE SOURCE_HIST -- Create history table AS SELECT SYSDATE CHANGE_DATE, ALL_SOURCE.* FROM ALL_SOURCE WHERE 1=2; CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER change_hist -- Store code in hist table AFTER CREATE ON SCOTT.The utility use human-readable PL/SQL source code as input, and writes out portable binary object code (somewhat larger than the original).The binary code can be distributed without fear of exposing your proprietary algorithms and methods.The following table briefly describes the similarities and difference between these two language environments: PL/SQL: PS: Starting with Oracle 10g, . PS: In earlier releases of Oracle it was better to put as much code as possible in procedures rather than triggers.

As such, SQL cannot be used to execute procedural code with conditional, iterative and sequential statements. PL/SQL is Oracle's Procedural Language extension to SQL.

Not to mention the numerous PL/SQL enhancements made in Oracle 10g and 11g.

PL/SQL and Java appeal to different people in different job roles.

Oracle will still understand and know how to execute the code.

Just be careful, there is no "decode" command available. The syntax is: Please note: there is no legal way to unwrap a *binary file.

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If not, replace &KEYWORD with the string you are searching for.

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