Updating garmin sat nav amazon tracking not updating

Posted by / 22-May-2020 15:12

The Touring will be available in the Fall of this year.

I’m hearing that’ll likely be late September or early October.

This is really targeting a different (though equally as important) market: Cycling tourism. Thus think of the Touring as a highly simplified version of the Edge 800/810. It’s for someone who simply wants to go for a casual ride and not get lost.

There are two variants of the unit: Edge Touring (standard): 9US Edge Touring Plus: 9US – adds ANT HR support, ANT e Bike support, and the barometric altimeter Ultimately, the Edge Touring is physically an Edge 800 hardware unit (thus, has the same battery life, screen size, etc…) with different firmware on it.

This practice is common with Garmin, and we’ve seen it done in other units – i.e.

You can customize a single data page (called ‘Timer’ below) as well with traditional fields found on the Edge units today (up to 8 fields at once): One final feature of note is that the unit supports ANT enabled e Bikes and will add in the e Bike’s estimated remaining range and battery information.

The Touring does allow you to pair the ANT heart rate strap, but does not allow other sensor types (i.e. I’ve put together a quick comparison table outlining the features and differences in functionality.

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Lastly, do not expect an Edge 810 replacement anytime soon.