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I will be going over my build with her and all the items that you can build with her. Sadly Diana doesn't really have any escape mechanic which is a really big downfall of hers.

This bug will cause players to be PUSHED AWAY instead of PULLED to diana.Say someone had 200 Magic resist and you had 40% magic pen (percentile) and 25 (flat magic pen) the equation goes like this now.200 x .40 = 80 (This is how much Magic resist the opponent loses off that percentile) Now your flats 120-25 = 95 (This is his total magic resist to you with your 40% magic pen and your 25 magic pen flats) if you are the tank on the team.I have started building her that way and have had pretty good success in it so I hope you guys enjoy it. If used without someone being marked your ultimate will go on Cool-down so just be aware of that.pretty much the moment they introduced her as a jungler/assassin. - Always run this because this is really her only escape mechanic.

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