Validating package spec custom

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Validating package spec custom

Ease of use and flexibility have influenced the design of this specification.This document describes each aspect of the bean validation specification in a separate chapter.Chapter 5, Constraint metadata request APIs describes how the metadata query API works.

This severity can be exploited by a presentation framework to adjust how a constraint failure is displayed.

* * @author Emmanuel Bernard * @author Gavin King * @author Hardy Ferentschik */ @Documented @Target() @Retention(RUNTIME) public @interface Constraint to allow Bean Validation provider specific extensions.

It is considered good practice to follow the same approach for custom annotations.

These include the following present and former expert group members in alphabetical order: Validating data is a common task that occurs throughout an application, from the presentation layer to the persistence layer.

Often the same validation logic is implemented in each layer, proving to be time consuming and error-prone.

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