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o In Microsoft Office Excel 2003 and in earlier versions of Excel, we click Page Setup on the File menu.o We modify any of the properties of the Page Setup object in a VBA macro.The problem is that the screen keeps flickering every time I select from a data validation list or enter something into the cells. Screen Updating = False in the beginning of the code and True at the bottom of the code. Is there any other way to stop these irritating flickers?

VBA programs are known to save a lot of time and now this post is to save further time. * An operation has been performed that forced Excel to calculate page breaks.

Though, if you update control positions all at once, then you shouldn't see any adverse effects.

Hi friends, I have a huge code for worksheet change events.

' This includes both posting free demo projects made from this ' code as well as reproducing the code in text or html format.

' --------------------------------------------------------------------------------' User Defined Error codes Const ERR_NO_WINDOW_HANDLE As Long = 1000 Const ERR_WINDOW_LOCK_FAIL As Long = 1001 Const ERR_VERSION_NOT_SUPPORTED As Long = 1002 ' API declarations for Find Window() & Lock Window Update() ' Use Find Window API to locate the Power Point handle.

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Enable Events to tell VBA processor whether to fire events or not.