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Chelsy previously admitted that she had a very outdoorsy childhood, and recalled how a poisonous boomslang snake once fell on her head, while she faced down a mock charging elephant and lived alongside a pet hyena.

She and a university friend were also held at gunpoint in Cape Town.

Chelsy explained: "I'd never worn makeup and suddenly everyone was in make-up.

My eyes were like little saucers." Back in Africa, she had a very rough and tumble life.

She recalled: "I was holding my friend's hand, we were both shaking.

Very few people in Cape Town escape a run-in with crime." On November 23, Chelsy took to social media to share her delight that the 93-year-old dictator had stepped down from power.

The African-based jewellery company Aya, making pieces with gems mined in Zambia.

Sounds like Prince Harry isn't off the market just yet.

Earlier this week, Us Weekly reported that Prince Harry and his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy were back on, with sources saying that the pair has been meeting up for months.

Norfolk-born Blaise, 27, is a well-known socialite who regularly graces the pages of society magazine Tatler and counts Tyrone Wood, the son of Rolling Stone guitarist Ronnie Wood, among his closest friends.

Zimbabwe beauty Chelsy dated Prince Harry for seven years after meeting him in Cape Town - since then she's been a royal girlfriend, student, lawyer and now she's turned her hand to jewellery designing SOUTH African beauty Chelsy Davy was in an on-off relationship with newly-engaged Prince Harry for seven years.

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While Prince Harry may be flying solo, it looks like his former ex Chelsy Davy may have found her match.