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No matter how deeply we felt for or admired each other, and how much we loved each other’s company, it was always clear that if either leaves the city, we would end the relationship there.I was in a relationship with Ex #1 for almost two years.I don’t want that to be spoiled.” It made perfect sense to me and it was such a happy ending. Maybe someday, sometime when we’re in the same city we’ll take up again, who knows! To be honest, we were a little crazy when we decided to continue our relationship over miles. LDRs are not everyone’s cup of tea and it takes two tough individuals who are secure and crystal clear about what they want from each other.My exes and I had always figured out our priorities and the impossibility of an LDR. My relationship with Mr Ex began as a long-distance one since we decided to take the next step from friendship after he left for an internship programme in a land very far away. When you’re 500 miles away, living separate lives, there are few direct responses. Hey there Delilah was no longer any other song and our relationship wasn’t the same. You have to learn to be independent and give each other the space you both deserve. What happens when your LDR starts on social networking sites and remains primarily long-distance?

Earlier when Suman was here, even if we fought we would immediately meet and make up. She will be in Los Angeles for a month soon and I am going to Bhutan for Roadies X4, so we are trying to spend as much time as we can together. If you can keep up with an LDR arrangement, then that means you guys are really into each other. There was this one particular guy with whom I started spending a lot of time and we became close friends. I started choosing a fun conversation about the new Salman Khan movie with a guy with whom I went to watch the movie over “Babu, what did you do all day? One day my new friend asked me out and things started to get really complicated. It helped keep the anticipation and mystery alive, and we were eager to find out more in the next few days. That’s why it is essential to be with the person for some time before committing.1) My friend had no idea I had a boyfriend and he believed I had feelings for him. 3) I was not in love with my new friend, and I was already out of love with my boyfriend. The best way I could cope with it was by focusing on other things. One month before we officially hooked up, I found out that she would be leaving the city. We had “the talk” again, after all time difference was an additional obstacle. The two months were pretty sweet and it deserved a good ending.We parted on good terms, visited the same place we went for our first date. Moral of the story, Part 2 : Long-distance relationships are like a long obstacle-filled journey.

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4) I said “Yes” to the new friend when he asked me out... If he was busy, I’d try to find something to do or someone else to talk to.