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“The only way I’m able to describe it is I literally felt like I left my body,” Simons explained.“I think because of the situation I was completely caught off guard.A producer who recently worked with Seagal put The Wrap in touch with an attorney he said represented Seagal, but the lawyer did not respond to a lengthy description of the accusations, or to phone calls seeking comment.‘On Deadly Ground’ Simons — now a 43-year-old mother of two — said she had just turned 18 when she met Seagal — then in his early 40s — during an open call for his movie “On Deadly Ground” in 1993.Regina Simons says she was 18 and an extra on Steven Seagal’s 1994 film “On Deadly Ground” when he invited her to a wrap party at his Beverly Hills home.

When her brother heard she was going on an audition for a Seagal movie, he asked to tag along.“She had done a lot of crying and I tried to comfort her as best I could,” he said. “I just told the lady I was living with to not take his calls,” she said.“And he finally just stopped.” That woman, Patricia Alaniz, said she remembered Seagal calling for several weeks. “His behavior, calling so often, it felt predatory to me,” Alaniz told The Wrap.(Her brother, Ben, corroborated her account of the day to The Wrap).Also Read: Second Woman Claims Steven Seagal Sexually Assaulted Her During ' Private Audition' A few weeks after shooting her scene, Simons got a phone call: She was invited to his home for the wrap party.

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Seagal was casting for Native Americans, and Simons, who is part Navajo and part Sioux, wore borrowed tribal regalia.

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