Winamp library error error updating db file on disk Sex chat female to male

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Winamp library error error updating db file on disk

Now when I try to open a “.psd” file, Firehand Ember will be launched and used to display the file.

Obviously you’ll need to choose both the correct extension and program for the problem you’re attempting to solve.

Sometimes these associations between file extensions and the programs that understand them can get lost, or confused.

The second most common way to resolve this is to use the application that A good example of a “repair” that’s not at all obvious, is the solution for Windows Picture and Fax Viewer.

There you can enter an extension and it will list all the possible meanings, including the most likely or most common use. Because there’s nothing to prevent two or more different and totally unrelated programs from using the same file extension for totally different things.

There’s often no single answer, but a good resource to research the meaning of various file extensions is File In this case, if I were to install Adobe Photo Shop, which understands “.psd” files, then I should be able to open them without a problem.Attempting to open a “.psd” file would then start up Photo Shop, which in turn would read and display the file.In case like this, you’ll need to know more about what program was used to create the file before you can make a choice on how to open it. Silver-level Patrons also have access to, from The Ask Leo!You can disable Thumbnail previews, which should make the problem go away, but isn't the optimal solution.

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Under Windows (and under MS-DOS before it), the convention was established that the characters following the last period in a file name, called the file “extension”, tells you what kind of data that file contains. EXE”, for example, is an executable is often simply another word for “program”, or a file containing a computer program. In email, this most commonly happens when someone sends you an attachment with data created by a program you don’t have.