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Zacks dating site

But other times insider trading is pretty clear-cut.

So far the team has worked incredibly well together.” Clear Blade will also, for an additional fee, serve as Thread’s CTO until the company is ready to hire one. Max Mc Kamy with the Tau Deauteron Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta at UT, otherwise known as FIJI, will be coordinating its first part of the year with Thread to make it a launch party.

The company intends to launch this fall with University of Texas organizations—like fraternities and sororities—and restrict membership to people with email addresses.

In the future the company hopes to expand by adding other area colleges, and spreading from there.

To test the market, Thread created a fictional profile of an attractive UT student on Tinder.

Of those who responded, 13 percent were UT students, 17 percent students of other schools and 70 percent “who knows? Moreover, some of the comments left by prospective “suitors” were obscene, bordering on threatening.

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